Maintenance and installation

WF offers three independent and highly qualified maintenance teams.

We respond to calls for maintenance under warranty in under 24 hours.

Our parts are stored in Poland and our warehouse is always fully stocked.

Our main warehouse is located in Warsaw. Shipment of consumables in under 24 hours.

There is a possibility to extend the warranty period.

WF also offers installation and maintenance of cable parks produced by other brands. We also offer yearly inspections and disassembly before winter.

We believe that there is no place where it is impossible to install a 2.0 system. We look forward to even the most difficult installation. We have the necessary experience built over recent years and the right equipment.

Pricing and design

You are thinking of assembling your own wake park, but would like to get a professional valuation and design plan for the body of water you are planning to work on? We provide these services free of charge and with great pleasure. We take on every new project as a challenge and a source of fun. Write us an e-mail or call, describe the characteristics of the terrain, your idea for location, say a few words about your vision. We will help selecting the perfect cable, together with a selection of suggested obstacles. We will try to price additional costs. We will also prepare a draft on a map, so you know all the parameters of placement for your park.

If you like to continue working with us, we can also help planning the details of your wake park, not only the cable and obstacles, but placement of sanitary facilities, catering and recreation and leisure areas. Share your idea with us, and utilising our experience together we will build a wake park that will be the no.1 for all riders.

We prepare 2D projects without any additional charges. We can also prepare a 3D project, that can prove useful when presenting to municipality or city authorities or investors. For these we do charge a fee, that is refundable upon implementation of the project.


WF provide a 12 months warranty for cables with a possibility of extension.

The warranty covers all non consumable parts.

Obstacles are subject to a full 5 year warranty period. All detailed warranty terms and conditions are defined in the purchase contract under the warranty annex.

Payment system

Every investor has his own capability of funding the project. We try to be as flexible as possible and support our customers as much as we can. We accept payment in instalments (partial payment before installation, and final upon completion). We also offer discounts for investors planning bigger purchases.

Assistance with documents

WF will assist you trough all the bureaucracy involved in creating a wake park. We have a lot of experience in completing formalities concerning acquiring permits, licenses etc.. If you don’t know where to start and how to take the first step we are happy to help.